Ready to take your business to the next level? Let's dive into the Baker Business Planner together and unlock the secrets to success! From goal-setting to budgeting, this planner has got you covered. Let's make those dreams a reality, one page at a time.


From a Baker for a Baker...

Features are like the sprinkles on top of our delicious cake of success. 🍰 But let's not forget that the real magic happens in the baking process, with the right tools in hand. 🔧 So let's roll up our sleeves and whip up our dreams into reality. 

  • Pocket inside cover
  • 2 ribbon pastel pink markers - I use one to show what day it is and the other to show where I am up to, if i haven't completed a task from 4 days ago that's where that ribbon goes, so i don't forget a order or task to be done. 
  • Twelve inspirational pages of our Australian Bakers - they are amazing and they are set to inspire and ignite our passion as you read their story each month!
  • Financial Year Calendar View, 2024 / 2025. 
  • Public Holidays and School Terms
  • Content Plan Ideas and Important Dates - These include content prompts and dates you should prepare for in the baking world for social media posts and bundles to sell.

  • Vision Board - Includes emotional, physical, career and financial.
  • 37 Inspirational quotes throughout to keep you motivated. You are enough and we are all on this journey together - stay inspired, stay motivated and crush those goals!
  • Review your pricing - quarterly - 6 prompts and 5 tips to get you started in pricing correctly for your business. This is one of the biggest struggles and one we can conquer together!

  • Inspiration - just be you page - from knowing your why, your passion, your journey, where you have been and you want to be. This page is set with 6 prompts to understand your underlying passion that has led you to today. 
  • Business overview: Branding is such an unknown in the industry and until I had bakers sneak peak the planner and question what it is - that's when I realised that it is such an underestimated tool to help you in your business. In the free pdf you will receive with your planner you will be able to completely know and understand your business branding. From colours, taglines, key messages, why and the overall experience of your business. 
  • Business Planning - 5 prompts to understand goals, products, services, ideal customers, competitors, inspiration, operations, work hours, pricing margins and skills required. 
  • Products and Services Planner
  • Goals
  • Monthly overview - this where the planner stickers come into play. Plus track your monthly finances, maybe after pay account owing or credit card payments to be made. 

  • Social Media Strategy - A mini brain dump, ideas and thoughts around the months content plan. The importance of planning and staggered approach of social media. Includes 5 platforms to plan. 



  • Weekly Sticker Placements - 3 Colour Sets!


  • Sticker sets include: cleaning schedule, weekly finance, meals for the day, avoided tasks, don't forget, cancelled, postponed, paid in full, cupcake order, cake order, macaron order, cookie order, baking order, work day, rest day, baking day. home day, time to hydrate, fridge temperature, imporatant date, GST payable, appointment, order supplies, tax payable parcel tracker, bill due this week, plus 14 aesthetic post it notes.
  • Design for no baking, no order weeks. Or maybe you love them that much that you want to change it up a bit too!

  • This week overview - half page. Includes social media posts (5), self-care moment, to do list, notes, payments due and priorities this week (5).
  • Monday to Friday - half page. Includes main focus, habit tracker, top priorities, to do list, administration, content plan idea.
  • Each main baking event marked on the day (eg. Cake bake Sweets Show and Festival of Cake)
  • Saturday - full page. Includes main focus, top priorities, to do, tip or affirmation, today i will, order pick up timeslots, to order in advance for the day, notes, spare space, must remember, baking orders due today (5).
  • Baking layout days be like:

  • Sunday - full page. Includes order pick up timeslots, to order in advance for the day, notes, This week challenge which reflects to page 380 in the planner, baking orders due today (3), meal plan, grocery list baking and home. 

  • Monthly Reflection - 7 prompts to review your month. 
  • Monthly Thought Release - 7 prompts to plan a better month ahead. 
  • 2025/2026 orders section to plan before the next planner arrives. 
  • Supplier list (12)
  • Important Contacts (8)
  • Password Keeper (8)
  • Books to Read (14)
  • Podcasts to listen to (15)
  • Gift Planner (24)
  • Spring Clean your baking space - 18 week challenge
  • Declutter your baking space - 18 week challenge
  • Self-Care your headspace - 18 week challenge
  • Social Media Tracker - paid ads
  • Yearly finance trackers - how to sort your bank accounts and finances to track and know your spend. 

  • Yearly Finance Overview - Know your numbers at a glance
  • Ingredient pricing - Know your numbers and set your prices based on the cost and cost increases. 
  • Terms and conditions - this one has always been a road block for bakers. With 7 prompts to determine your terms and conditions, you will no longer need to be concerned with clients taking advantage of you and your kind heart. 
  • Blank Recipes - put your favourites in the back of the planner to have them on hand anytime you need. 6 blank recipe pages. 
  • My notes page (1)
  • Two Pastel Functional Sticker Sheets with 126 sticker per sheet. 


That's a wrap on our brand new Bakers Business Planner. Designed by a baker for a baker. 


The Ultimate Bakers Bundle has it all!

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